As Enrollment Falls, Korean Grade Schools Accept Older, Illerate Students

Korean School
Korean School

With national birth rates continuing to decline, one South Korean grade school has thought of an astute method to keep their entryways open in the midst of their absence of new youthful understudies.

Daegu Elementary is only one of the numerous rustic schools in Gangjin County scanning for children to top off their homerooms.

The New York Times says that a school that used to educate around 90 kids, during the 1980s now has just 22 students.

So as a method for sparing the school, the school welcomed elderly ladies to at long last satisfy their dream of reading and writing.

Eight senior ladies selected as first graders at the school, and four additional ladies promised to enlist one year from now.

70-year-old Hwang Wol-geum disclosed to The Times that she used to sob with pity at whatever point she needed to watch her companions go to class while she remained at home to take care of her younger siblings – however at this point, she is sobbing tears of euphoria over the likelihood that she may at last figure out how to compose letters to her grandchildren.

“I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me,” said the senior. “Carrying a school bag has always been my dream.”

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